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Men's Counselling, Reinvented

Our proprietary method blends counselling and coaching to help men expand their mental agility and improve performance across all aspects of their personal and professional life.

Manifest Wellness Vancouver

We help men develop the emotional tools they need to win at life more often.

The negative thoughts, feelings and situations we face in life is a regular part of the human experience. It’s normal to feel stressed, sad or angry when life doesn’t go the way we planned. But when no-one teaches men how to manage their feelings or behave in the face of hardship, it can lead to disaster. Unable to ask for help or not knowing where to go means men are alone as they carry around negative emotions. This can lead to anxiety or depression, or something much worse, like violence, addiction or suicide.

Manifest Wellness Vancouver is here to change this dynamic. We teach guys that being a man means being mentally agile. We help them untangle the mysteries of life, build their emotional resilience, and put them on the path to mental wellness.

Develop Your Mental Agility

Because there is no school of life, Manifest Wellness Vancouver has reinvented mens mental wellness and created a program to help guys figure out what's happening in their lives so that they can feel and live better.

12 %

Almost 12% of males over the age of twelve have a substance abuse disorder.

-Addiction Center

31 %

Nearly 31% of men have suffered from a period of depression in their lifetime.

-American Psychological Association

4 X

The suicide rate among American men is about four times higher than among women.

-American Psychological Association

80 %

80 percent of people report that counselling improved their life.

-American Psychological Association

Emotions are Complicated

We use coaching and counselling best practices to create a practical program that helps guys untangle their emotions so they can feel better.

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How Manifest Develops Mental Strength

Eating a healthy diet, going to the gym, and reading books about CEOs are ways men try to better themselves.

But what about mens mental wellness? Talking about feelings is a major component of improving performance that most men are missing. Think of therapy as exercise for your mind. We believe that when you plan your future, you can determine it. Our straight-talking counsellors provide a blend of counselling and coaching that helps you find the path to a fulfilled life and gives you the tools to get you there. We develop your mental strength so you can achieve your full potential.

What's Your Situation?

Insights into Men's Mental Wellness:


Fear: The stuff of dreams

Was it a bad dream, or are your nightmares anxieties manifesting in your subconscious? Learning to manage your anxiety can help you sleep better.

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isolation feeling

How to take advantage of change

The world is changing before our eyes, and we don’t know what the future holds. Learn how to cope better with uncertain times.

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Insomnia in men

What’s keeping you up at night?

Insomnia is a major indicator of the state of your mental wellbeing. We can help you understand what’s keeping you awake at night.

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Worried about Someone?

It’s typical for men not to understand the feelings they’re experiencing, and this can create an array of problems that manifest in an even-broader spectrum of behaviours.

By recognizing these signals, you can direct men towards more productive ways to manage their feelings or their situations. If you’re worried about a man in your life, getting the right support for them can make a huge difference helping them to be happier, healthier and more productive so they can experience life better.

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Learn practical tools to improve your wellbeing and get more out of life.

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Feelings and emotions are complicated. Let us help you untangle them so you can feel better.