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Suicide Prevention


Helping Men Navigate Life’s Challenges

At Manifest Wellness, we simplify the counselling and coaching experience so that you can become your own mental wellness coach.

Start feeling and living better now. Your future self and your family will thank you for it. Contact us today.

Develop Confidence

We help cultivate a sense of assurance in your ability to manage your feelings.

Provide Tools

We give you the proven solutions you need to function better.

Lasting Solutions

Learn skills that will become second nature and last you a lifetime.


Men around the world are realizing their mental agility is integral to their success in life.

Manifest Counsellors

We help men understand their feelings and situations by providing them with a unique blend of professional development, coaching, and counselling. All of our straight-talking counsellors are BCACC, CCC or RSW accredited and have a minimum of a Masters Degree in Counselling.

Evidence Based.

More structure, science based, programmatic. Less talking, and more about action and establishing foundations for good mental health.


Future Proofing

I have a more clear understanding of my issues right now. The counselors also provide tools more so to deal with my issues more effectively.


Get the Tools.

I came to Manifest with significant mental health issues and they helped me stabilize. They also gave me good tools for the future. It’s had a significant positive effect.


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