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Individual Counselling

Ryan Shick - RCC

He is in his 40’s and born and raised in Vancouver. Ryan has been a counsellor and has also been part of a men’s group community since 2017. While completing his Master of Counselling degree, he completed a master’s thesis focusing on Solution Focused Therapy. This experience further enables him to empower clients to achieve desired changes using principles of positive psychology. He has a direct, relatable, and conversational communication style in his sessions. Ryan works with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, stress/burnout, work-life balance issues, confidence/self-esteem and self-acceptance/self-compassion issues, overthinking/negative thinking patterns, challenges coping with difficult thoughts and feelings, anger management, relationship and communication concerns, and physical injuries and chronic pain. Ryan also works with clients who would like support with navigating life transitions and the stressors that come with that. He also helps clients to discover and connect to their inner purpose and passions in a way that gives their lives more meaning and fulfillment. Ryan ultimately enjoys helping clients build healthier habits & routines by developing their self-understanding and establishing a path to overall wellness.

Therapies Offered
  • SFT
  • ACT
  • CBT
  • PCT
  • Mindfulness

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