The Manifest Method.

We’ve taken the best bits of coaching, counselling, and personal development to create practical professional counselling that helps guys figure themselves out. We help men improve their mental agility so they function better and win at life more often.

Counselling for Men

Humans have risen to the top of the food chain and conquered the planet to build a world that satisfies our basic needs. But despite our technical brilliance, we’ve let our emotional intelligence get flabby and have become our own worst enemies. Feelings overtake our actions and negative situations spiral out of control because we don’t understand ourselves.

Uncontrollable feelings and life setbacks don’t have to end badly. In fact, by learning mental dexterity and emotional intelligence, negative feelings and situations can be turned into opportunities that suit our interests. Emotional intelligence is about understanding our feelings, managing our behaviours, and confronting the difficult issues we face with insight. But emotional intelligence isn’t a talent. It’s learned.

The Manifest Method takes the best parts of coaching, counselling and personal development to create practical professional counselling that men can understand and engage with. We take the mystery out of therapy by delivering straight talk that helps guys figure out why they’re malfunctioning so they can develop the mental agility and acumen to determine their future and turn crisis into opportunity. Through our pragmatic method we can typically help a guy figure themselves out in about eight sessions. So, what are you waiting for?

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Know Yourself

We help you figure out what you're feeling so you can manage your behaviours better.

Learn Resilience

When you understand yourself, you'll be prepared to deal with anything that life throws at you.

Hit Your Potential

Figure out who you are, and who you could be, to manifest the best version of yourself.

Function Better

Be your own coach and prepare for uncertainty. Function better in life and improve your future.


Duration:1 session


Duration:1 session

You'll meet your coach to ensure you have a rapport. You’ll then agree to a plan with them and establish your commitment to the process. We’ll tell you about the inputs, timing, milestones, and what experiences you can expect.


Duration:1-2 sessions


Duration:1-2 sessions

Your counsellor works with you to articulate what you want out of life and design your ideal future. We’ll commit the plan to paper and set tangible goals that help you stay on track to achieve your vision.


Duration:1-3 sessions

Current Self

Duration:1-3 sessions

We’ll work together to take inventory of your personal attributes and understand what’s limiting your performance. By looking at your current situation and entertaining different perspectives, you’ll understand where you are now and how you got there.


Duration:1-3 sessions


Duration:1-3 sessions

Acknowledging that you have a few broken parts, but truckloads of fully functioning components helps identify your uniqueness and advantages. We’ll work with you to define your positive attributes and understand what you have to offer the world.


Duration:1 session


Duration:1 session

Your counsellor is going to get real and help you understand what attributes are holding you back from managing your feelings and situation effectively. Negative traits can be turned into positives. This is what develops your mental dexterity.


Duration:1-3 sessions

Personal Development

Duration:1-3 sessions

You’ll work with your counsellor to develop a plan and give you practical tools to achieve your desired state in the real world. We’ll incorporate milestones and progress checks to keep you moving in the right direction.


Duration:1-3 sessions

Agility Training

Duration:1-3 sessions

Here’s where you review your progress with your coach to understand what’s working, what isn’t, and adjust your plan accordingly. At this point, you’ll be able to use your tools to handle any challenges ahead.


Duration:1+ sessions


Duration:1+ sessions

In the maintenance stage you can come as little or as often as you like. Most guys come around once a month for a tune up. This helps you stay on top of your situation and be proactive over new issues.

Manifest the Best You

Dealing with feelings and difficult situations in a constructive manner is not something that men are typically trained to handle. Through professional counselling our objective is to help guys develop the mental dexterity they need to deal with whatever life throws at them.

You’ll need to bring the desire to improve and the ability to reflect while being accountable for your progress. It’s not going to be easy, but it will give you life-long strategies that can bring you closer to your best self.

Common Questions:

01 How many sessions do people normally have?

Professional counselling takes most men around 8 to 12 sessions to resolve their situation. Ultimately it depends upon their diagnosis and treatment plan.

02 Is it covered by benefits or insurance?

All of our Counsellors have a Master's degree and are Registered Clinical Counsellors (R.C.C). This credential is the standard for certification in BC and recognized by most benefits providers - Sunlife, Manulife, Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield, Empire Life, Great West Life. Check with your employer to confirm mental health and wellness is covered in your package.

03 Am I expected to do homework?

There are some practical exercises for you to experiment with in your normal life. You're not obliged to do them, but you'll accelerate if you do. We also offer recommended readings that will help expedite your success.

04 Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, you don't need a referral. In fact, most guys come to us because they feel like something isn't right in their life or have a nagging feeling that they could perform better.

05 Can we do this over video chat?

Yes you can, through our secure PIPEDA-compliant video conferencing services. In fact, we've found that works best for guys to reduce travel time and be able to be located anywhere in BC. We also provide a secure client portal for document retrieval, communication, scheduling and more.

06 How long are the sessions?

Sessions can be anywhere between 30 and 120 minutes. You get to choose how long. Outside of the sessions, there are reading and homework assignments you can choose to complete. They are not mandatory but they will expedite your progress.

07 Will this go on my medical record?

No notes are added to a medical record of any kind. Records are kept electronically in a private, secure, cloud-based third-party app.

08 Is it like a course?

Our model consists of eight steps that take six to ten sessions to complete. Note, some guys take a little bit longer depending on their diagnosis and treatment plan.

09 What if I don't like my counsellor?

It's important to connect and establish rapport with your counsellor. If for some reason you don't click, we'll reassign you to another one. All of your notes will be transferred, so you don't lose any ground.

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They began by assessing both my anxiety levels and mental health to obtain a benchmark. Fast forward three months and my improvement is remarkable!


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My experience at Manifest has been really beneficial! My counsellor helped me feel comfortable, and at ease to open up. The approach to counselling is practical and simple.


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The Manifest team worked with me and my family after the sudden loss of a family member. I will forever be thankful for the support we received.


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