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As a therapist I’m passionate about helping men navigate the complicated landscape of what it can be to be a male in the 21st century. Through the process of building trust and learning new ways of working in the world, I believe that men from all walks of life can begin to lead more peaceful lives.


Individual Therapist

Chris is currently finishing his Doctoral Degree as a Clinical Psychologist (PsyD) at Adler university. He also holds a Master's in Public Health from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and a Bachelor's in Psychology from Concordia University. He has a particular speciality in trauma informed and mindfulness based approaches to therapy.



I began my career in mental health working working with men and this has been my passion since day one. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD and a variety of other challenges. I am also interested in human potential and the possibility for psychotherapy not only to help us when we are feeling stuck, but also to support growth, well being, and achieve new potential in our lives.



The science of psychotherapy reliably shows that it's the relationship between counsellor and client that matters most towards people improving their lives and achieving wellness. However, I believe it is also important to provide those with which I work, concrete skills and tools they can apply to real life situations. These skills can be used between sessions, and after the completion of therapy.


Acceptance and Commit Therapy

By helping individuals arrive at the present moment and make decisions that are in support of their goals and values, I have found that they can consistently begin to improve their lives.

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