Major Depression

Doesn't Have to be Forever

Major Depression 101

Major depression is a constant feeling of sadness and disinterest in activities over a long period. When you learn to cope with it, you can gain perspective and focus in your life.

Major Depression in Men

Sadness touches everyone. It operates as an alarm signal, letting you know that something is wrong and needs your attention. But if sadness becomes a profound, all-consuming dark cloud that drains your motivation, that alarm is now on high alert, letting you know something serious is amiss.

Cases of major depression are on the rise. As we become busier with tasks and less connected to people, we become less connected to ourselves, work, family and friends. We become exhausted and easily irritated, and the simplest tasks seem daunting. Depression is hard to diagnose in men because they don’t know why they’re upset. They can’t concretely point to what makes them feel like life has no meaning. They just assume they’re sad, and that they’ll eventually get over it. But depression isn’t the same as being sad. A sad person knows what they’re sad about. Meanwhile, a depressed person doesn’t have an outward source to point to.

While major depression might feel permanent, it can improve with treatment and 80% to 90% of people recover from it. There are practical tools you can implement that will help you figure out what you’re distressed about. The sooner you can diagnose it, the sooner you can get better. A leading cause of suicide is depression. If you are thinking that death is the only way out, or if you have a suicide plan, call 1-800-SUICIDE immediately. Know that you are not alone, and even the worst cases of depression can be treated.

Major Depression Disorder Symptoms

There are a variety of symptoms that indicate someone has major depression, and the signs can vary significantly among different people. However, there are some common thought patterns that people with major depression have that seem to be out of proportion, such as being unusually pessimistic, developing false beliefs, and unwarranted feelings of worthlessness or guilt.

01 Physical

  • Feel extremely tired, lethargic
  • Sleeping problems
  • Headaches & muscle pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Sick and run down
  • Significant weight loss or gain

02 Behavioural & Emotional

  • Feel sad, hopeless or empty
  • Lose interest in activities
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Controlling or violent behaviour
  • Feelings of guilt, shame
  • Thoughts of suicide

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Treating Major Depression

Depression happens to men more than you think, but it’s very treatable and 80% to 90% of people recover from it. To help you manage depression, we’ll first investigate its root cause, which might be due to family history, trauma, brain structure, medical conditions, stressful events or drug use. Then using a combination of counselling and coaching, we’ll work together to diagnose your problem and move forward with a set of tools that you can take away and implement in the real world to enjoy life more often.

17.3 M

17.3 million Americans have had at least one major depressive episode.

- National Institute of Mental Health

47 %

Major depression diagnoses in male teens have risen by 47 percent since 2013.

- Blue Cross Blue Shield

30 %

People diagnosed with major depression are 30 percent less healthy.

- Blue Cross Blue Shield

80-90 %

80 to 90 percent of people who seek help for depression are treated successfully.

- TADS Study

Taking Action

I just needed a practical way of working through the problem. I didn’t want to be on the couch. I wanted to take action.

Andy, 48

Honest Talk

It’s a refreshing way of looking at myself. I’ve tried counselling before, but this is more honest. More objective. More real.

Kevin, 36

Making Progress

I still have a way to go, but I feel like I understand what’s getting in my way better. I haven’t been able to get that from talking before.

Xander, 32

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