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Panic Attacks 101

This is a sudden intense fear and a feeling of losing control that comes without warning. Learning to manage panic attacks can greatly improve your life.

Panic Attacks in Men

To panic is to experience sudden, overwhelming fear and anxiety. It’s a normal reaction to danger that was an effective survival technique back in the day when our ancestors had to fight man and beast to survive.

Today, we still have panic ingrained as a survival technique, but because we’re a society on constant overload, sometimes we unconsciously mistake everyday situations as reasons to panic. When we suffer a panic attack, the feeling of fear is real, but the danger isn’t. It feels like our nervous system has high-jacked our body. Sometimes we mistake a panic attack for a heart attack, which sends us into a greater panic. It’s such a bad experience that we start avoiding any situation that might set us off.

Once a doctor has ensured you don’t have an underlying medical condition and has diagnosed you with a panic attack, we can help face the situations that trigger panic and give you the tools to live your life fully.

Panic Attack Symptoms

Men who suffer from panic attacks might have several a day, or they may go months between attacks. Regardless, a panic attack is a rush of intense discomfort that peaks within 10 minutes, and includes at least four of the following symptoms:

01 Physical

  • Racing or pounding heart
  • Sweating or trembling
  • Breathing problems
  • Tight or constricted throat
  • Nausea, upset stomach
  • Dizziness, unsteady

02 Behavioural & Emotional

  • Feeling detached from reality
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear of dying

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Treating Panic Attacks

The good news is that panic attacks are treatable. To help you manage it, we’ll first investigate its root cause, which might be due to severe stress, a medical condition, or family history. We’ll then use counselling and coaching to work together and look at your attitudes and behaviours to explain what’s holding you back and how to think differently. Finally, we’ll teach you the tools you need to treat your own issues, making way for you to live a better life.

1 M

One million Americans experience panic-attack symptoms every month.

- Psychology Today

20-30 yrs

Panic disorders most frequently occur in people aged 20 to 30.

- Health Engine

10 mins

Panic attacks usually last ten minutes.

- Psychology Today

50 %

50 percent of people who suffer panic attacks are unable to drive farther than three miles from their home.

- Psychology today

Taking Action

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Making Progress

I still have a way to go, but I feel like I understand what’s getting in my way better. I haven’t been able to get that from talking before.

Xander, 32

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