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Sexual identity is about whom you’re romantically or sexually attracted to. Men often find exploring their sexuality difficult to talk about, but we can help you navigate your journey and define your identity.

Sexual Identity

Civilizations throughout history have accepted same-sex relationships, and in some traditional cultures, homosexuality was revered. Yet in modern North American society, heterosexuality is still considered the norm. While this view is slowly changing, it doesn’t make it any easier for guys who are curious about their sexuality to admit it.

Some guys know from a young age that they’re attracted to the same sex, while others spend time questioning and exploring, confused about what it means to be gay, trans, fluid, mostly straight or bisexual. Men who don’t fit the stereotypical definition of straight still fear rejection and discrimination. Homophobia still exists in the world. Society has labelled being gay as immoral and unnatural, and those wrong assumptions still need to be fought. Meanwhile, many men who know they’re gay or who are unclear about their sexual identity hide and suffer in silence.

Being gay, bi, trans or fluid doesn’t need to be cured or fixed. It needs to be accepted as being normal. We can help you find your place in the world and build a support system of people who accept you for who you are.

Signs Men Are Hiding Their Sexual Identity

Sex is confusing enough as it is, let alone worrying about your sexual identity. Suppressing your feelings and hide your true self can cause stress, anxiety, depression, or grief, which in turn can negatively impact your physical and mental wellbeing in a number of ways.

01 Physical

  • Feeling tired and drained
  • Frequent illnesses
  • Headaches
  • General aches and pains
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sexual dysfunction

02 Behavioural & Emotional

  • Lack of desire with current partner
  • Feeling trapped or alone
  • Feeling dissociated or lost
  • Social withdrawal
  • Secretive behaviour
  • Low self-esteem

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Dealing with Sexual Identity

We can help you define and own your sexual identity. We’ll review your concerns about the issue, which could be due to a fear of rejection or alienation from your friends, family and coworkers. We’ll then look at your attitude and behaviours to explain what’s holding you back and how to think differently about your situation. Finally, we’ll teach you the tools you need to manage the situation on your own, making way for you to live a more authentic life.

1 in 4

One in four families have a family member who is gay.

- Mensline

9 M

There are about 9 million LGBT Americans.

- The Guardian

92 %

92 percent of LGBT Americans say society has become more accepting of them.

- Pew Research Center

40 %

Nearly 40 percent of LGBT adults say they’ve been rejected by a family member or friend when they came out.

- Pew Research Center

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