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Divorce Counselling For Men

Technically a divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. In reality, it means the end of a significant chapter in your life. Coping with a divorce is an opportunity to create a new future for yourself. At Manifest, we offer divorce counselling specifically designed for men to help them move on and create a better future for themselves.

Getting Divorced

Historically, people bonded in pairs to rear children and complete daily tasks. As humans evolved, marriage became formalized to ensure family property and lines of power. Today, marriage is no longer needed to form a household, which begs the question as to whether marriage is even required.

For those of us who do get married, we don’t enter matrimony expecting it to fail. But nearly half of all marriages end in getting divorced, making it an inevitable reality for some. Contemplating divorce isn’t easy. The idea of losing not just a partner, but our kids, our houses, the life we worked hard to build, and the future we planned, is frightening. And the idea of getting divorced is accompanied by a flood of emotions, including anger, grief, fear and anxiety.

But if you feel like you’ve done everything you can to fix the relationship and getting divorced is the only option, it’s possible to manage your feelings and the situation to restructure your life.

The Stress of Divorce

A divorce can be onerous. The hardship of losing a partner and not knowing what the future holds can cause stress, anxiety, depression, or grief, which in turn can negatively impact your physical and mental wellbeing in a number of ways.

01 Physical

  • Feeling tired and drained
  • Frequent illnesses
  • Headaches
  • General aches and pains
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sexual dysfunction

02 Behavioural & Emotional

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Violence
  • Homicidal thoughts

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We're not always equipped to deal with life's adversity. Learn how to manage a crisis and deal with situations better. Mental agility can greatly improve your level of function.

See How Coaching can Help

Coping With Divorce

The good news is that divorce is a situation that can be managed. To help in coping with the divorce process, we’ll first need to look at how you got there in the first place, which could be rooted in your upbringing and beliefs about love and the purpose of relationships. We’ll then use counselling and coaching to guide you through your divorce, and give you an action plan that you can take away with you to manage the breakup smoothly.

36 secs

In the United States, there is one divorce every 36 seconds.

- U.S. Government

8 yrs

The average length of a first marriage is eight years.

- U.S. Census Bureau

2 yrs

A person spends about two years thinking about divorce before taking action.

- McKinley Irvin.


3 out of every 4 people who divorce will remarry.

- McKinley Irvin.

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I came to Manifest with significant mental health issues and they helped me stabilize. They also gave me good tools for the future. It’s had a significant positive effect.


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The Manifest team worked with me and my family after the sudden loss of a family member. I will forever be thankful for the support we received.


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